Monday, June 30, 2008

Nikka Costa at the Bowery Ballroom

June 30th, 2008

I like to throw people off. I really do. What kind of music fan would I be if I stayed in ONE GENRE?! I'd be very specific. Easy to categorize. Simple to explain. Worst of all I would be **GASP** predictable! Therefore, I will throw you mothers a curveball!

Yes, I went to see Nikka Costa- the funkiest of all funky white red headed bitches to grace the stage in the 21st century! I have been a fan of hers since I was in high school, yet I never had the chance to see her live.... to my great dismay. That is UNTIL JUNE 30th 2008!!! Ahahahaha!

The venue was the Bowery Ballroom. A very humble yet extremely awesome setting where I have been to countless times in my life for various obvious and not-so obvious acts. The coolest part? There are 3 bars all strategically located throughout this little club. Even cooler? It's not full of assholes! (usually)

We got into the SOLD OUT show, and checked things out. Not much going on upstairs yet, so my comrade Leeann and I decided to hang out with a cocktail. The cocktail was good... but of course it also made me have to pee like a mothereffer. SOOOO I get on line for the ladies... we are standing there, for, roughly 2 minutes, when this VERY cute petite little mama in a ripped off the shoulder tshirt emerges from the john, while she washes her hands, I tilt my head, and stare knowingly. As I am realizing it- I hear a woman behind me go "NIKKA?! OH MY GOOOOOOD!!! Can I have a picture with you? YOU'RE AWESOME!!!" She was VERY cool, very gracious, absolutely posed, then said, "I got to go up stairs for the show now!". I can't believe she had to use the loo with the rest of us! Doth the Bowery Ballroom have not a private room for the fair lady? It was cool nonetheless.

Then the SHOW! WOWEE WOW WOW! It was as if (a far prettier) Janis Joplin was reincarnated on the stage! The energy was palpable, the mood was exuberant. I have never been to a concert where everyone was so accommodating, happy, fun, polite- or maybe I just have never been to a "funk" rock show before. People were in good moods, singing at respective pitches, dancing, clapping, and smiling. It made me realize a concert can be the catharsis for anything- not just sadness or anger... but love, joy, excitement... everything. It made me realize that music has no limit to its possibilities of expression. It quite frankly, made me want to learn how to play, and not just listen..
Go Nikka!!

I will gladly see that girl when ever she plays!

What I can remember..

Fooled ya baby
Like a feather
Everybody got their somethin'
Denial Twist
Happy in the morning
Can't please everybody
Push and pull
Stuck to You

Ended with
Corners of your mind

Friday, June 27, 2008

Peter Murphy at the Blender Theater Grammercy

June 2008

The Godfather of Goth. The man himself. Peter Murphy. He emerges from the back curtain, the small tuft of hair atop his head only accentuating his jagged facial features. A black chiffon shroud masks his features while he stands before the mic, then, it slowly flutters off of his head to reveal himself. His voice still remains in the perfect melodramatic timbre of his youth... only occasionally does it seem throatier, more enflamed... even darker.

Then, he speaks to the audience- Jovially answering any ridiculous question we can throw at him-"What are you wearing?" "I like your ring!?" and, my personal favorite "How do you stay so THINnnnnnn?" (This was asked by an androgynous man boy with what looked like Sioux inspired makeup). His reply? "I toured with Nine Inch Nails..." HAHAHAHA! Another great question- "Is your voice really that deep?" He laughed, smiled, and said in his gorgeously delicious accent, "Yes, actually.. well, really my voice is more like (in a high pitched raspy lisp) this". More laughs.

His voice is still ringing in my ears. Simply incredible set. It seemed to go on forever, and I was pleased at that notion... I was wondering why it seemed so special, then, I was pleased to discover that it was being filmed for a DVD release! Excellent news, and I shall certainly be on line to purchase that one. I danced dramatically. I was flanked by various stages of the gothic phases of evolution- including the Old Time, The Incognito Goth, the Teen Aged Goth, the Goth Lifers, The Grown Up Goth- They were all there paying homage to one of their gods.. which was yet another question posed... (what's it like being a god?) He laughed -maybe not humbly- but also with VERY little conceit he said "Oh lord, I am no god!". Also playing along side him was Mark GT of The Mission UK fame, who looks (to my pleasure) like a young Severus Snape mixed with Trent Reznor with a healthy smattering of my Boyfriend Dave- so I would like to take a moment to thank him for giving me an additional visually pleasing body to gawk at during the show!

The best moments for me, were when he would throw me a Bauhaus bone...of course! The most dramatic and exciting twist?! Well, that would definitely have to be when he performed Joy Divisions "Transmissions" and I swear became possessed by the spirit of Mister Ian Curtis himself! I've never known anyone to move the way Peter Murphy moves, and I have yet to see someone matched his flair, grace, and overall panache.

Burning from the Inside
Line Between the Devils Teeth
Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem
Gliding Like a Whale
I'll Fall with Your Knife
Sweetest Drop
Black Stone Heart
Crystal Wrists
Huuvola (performed with special guest, Sarah Fimm)
Deep Ocean, Vast Sea
Idle Flow

encore 1
The Three Shadows Part I
Strange Kind of Love (mixed with Bela Lugosi's Dead)

encore 2
She's In Parties (mixed with Bowies, Be My Wife)

encore 3
Transmission (Joy Division cover)
Cut's You Up
All Night Long
Final Solution
Your Face

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Cure at Madison Square Garden

June 23rd, 2008

Some musicians age gracefully. Others wither and fade. Some slip through the cracks of unknown oblivion doomed to obscurity and the shelves of yesteryear.

The Cure have stood the test of time, and have stayed as musically relevant as ever. It was a long and arduous road to get to my seat at Madison Square Garden on Friday night.

The journey began when I was thirteen and I met one of the most important friends of my life... I am speaking of my comrade and lanky counterpart Kristin. She played The Cure for me and I was enchanted. It meant so much to me... because it was a window into her psyche... it was who she was and how she felt. I didn't necessarily relate.. because I wasn't a mopey goth teen (well... not completely..) I was an angry goth teen (see the subtle difference?).

The first song I ever heard by the Cure was "Burn" on the Crow soundtrack... then I advanced through countless songs and albums. The HUB of my Cure experience laying within Disintegration. Arguably one of the best albums ever released.

Then, as the years passed, schools changes, friendships evolved... the music stayed. The meaning of each song burrowing deeper for me as time passed. I can go on instant and total memory recall every time I press play.

Seeing the Cure LIVE wasn't just one evenings performance. It was a time machine. I got to relive some of my happiest moments. Some of my saddest... all worth more than any concert t-shirt- or the hefty cost of the ticket itself. Seeing the WHOLE of MSG filled with people of varying ages- all singing along.. all recalling their own lifetimes... (whether long or short). That was a gift.

The set was unspeakably perfect. Robert Smith has NOT aged gracefully. In fact he looked rather ghoulish (I am being shallow here... but let me finish). What I will say for the man is although he may not be the cute little perky goth boy of yesteryear- his voice is still angelic and unchanged. The sound was still upbeat yet visceral. He was still vibrant and as full of life as ever and that is the real test of time. He is still Robert Smith... and I still want to just MASH his cute little voice and spirit up and keep it in my unicorn jewelry box! haha.

Nostalgia was constantly rearing its head as Kristin and I sat side by side... both of us still feeling that gothy teen girl in us. Millions of songs and 3 encores later... we finally admitted we were "old" ladies and had places to go.. so we exited before the massive crowds ensued during "Boys Don't Cry". Which saved some time... but it also meant we missed 10:15 Saturday Night and Killing an Arab. D'OH! It's ok though.. that just means that ghoul of a man boy BETTER tour again!!!!

Here's the Set List:
Underneath The Stars, Prayers For Rain, A Night Like This, The End of the World, Lovesong, To Wish Impossible Things, Pictures of You, Lullaby, Fascination Street, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, The Perfect Boy, Hot Hot Hot, The Only One, Wrong Number, The Walk, Sleep When I'm Dead, Push, Friday I'm In Love, Inbetween Days, Just Like Heaven, Primary, Shake Dog Shake, Charlotte Sometimes, One Hundred Years, Baby Rag Dog Book

1st encore: If Only Tonight We Could Sleep, The Kiss

2nd encore: Freakshow, Close To Me, Why Can't I Be You?

3rd encore: Boys Don't Cry---
I missed:Jumping Someone Else's Train, Grinding Halt, 10:15 Saturday Night, Killing An Arab

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Richard Cheese & The Lounge Against the Machine at Webster Hall

June 21st, 2008

Ahem. Tap Tap. Is this thing on? Check Mic... One. Two. Three. Check. Checkkkkk. OK. Good.

Hello there everybody who's reading. I am Krissy (for those of you who know me personally... feel free to refer to me by some SEXY secret nick name.) I've gotten into the habit of writing VERY enthusiastic reviews of the concerts I've attended. It is fun, and YES I am that enthusiastic. SERIOUSLY. It's just more fun to be passionate... even if it borders on embarrassing.

Now, I am sure some of you have noticed, that I have been to an OBSCENE amount of not-so-cheap concerts in the month of June, yet barely reviewed them. WHY?!?! You ask?! Well, because I was FUCKING TIRED! I have been shaking my ass and screaming every friday night and a few random days for the month of JUNE! I WORK people! I have a family! a MAN! FRIENDS! and a girl has got to eat and sleep.... so SORRY I haven't written reviews in a while. but now I have some time... so here goes...

Review numero uno for RICHARD CHEESE AND THE LOUNGE AGAINST THE MACHINE! Where? Webster Hall. When? Saturday June 21st.

Webster Hall is an institution of NYC. You just simply aren't a patron of the city if you haven't walked through those doors flanked by big as a mountain security guards and into the strangely dank and stale smelling hallway of Webster Hall. Where, by some confusing miracle, you are led to your right, then down stairs when you could've sworn you were up, only to twist around til you feel like you are on the left side of some badly painted universe. Once I regain my bearings, we smash our way into the main stage area. Where I immediately think... "Great. No A/C."

The air already smells of beer, sweat, and other highly questionable things. No worries. DRINKS! WE NEED DRINKS! (This, incidentally is a new thing for me... I wasn't one to imbibe while attending a show... but ehhhhh your priorities change when you get a little older... and you're not RUSHING the stage to "accidentally" flash Trent Reznor your tits). **NOTE** ALways bring a sexy big tittied blonde to a concert where there is a bar. You get your drinks WAY SOONER!

Merely one Vodka Tonic later, The CHEESE IS ON! Opening, with, yes YES Their own fantastic rendition of CLOSER!!! I could've left right there. But DAMN was there a lot of awesome lounge-ness to be had!

From one fantastic swinging hit into the other- Mr. Cheese DELIVERED! The smoking jackets, the fellow cheesed members including Mr. Feta etc... The man was a riot, a brilliant singer, and arguably one of the most gifted SHOWMAN ever (and we all know how I feel about Showman)! He positively GLOWED when he came down into the audience in search of lady lesbians to have some serious pillow talk with... or at the very least to sit on the corner of the bed and WATCH!

The show went on for eons all simply hilarious well pitched and performed. There were so many songs I couldn't possibly remember them all... BUT off the top of me noggin' I can recall: Baby Got Back, My Milkshake, Gin and Juice, Show Me Your Pussy, Spongebob Square Pants, Aqua Teen Hunger Force theme song, Chop Suey, Shake Ya Ass, Down with the Sickness, Another Brick in the Wall, 99 Luftballoons AAAAAAHHHH too many to remember!!!! Anyone who remembers post a comment with the additional songs!

We danced, we laughed, we watched Mr.Cheese form a chorus line with giant men, and also, we had our nostril hairs BURNED OUT by the rancid gas of various men (seriously, what were the men at this show EATING before they came in?!) Michele was punched so hard in the face by the odor that her bag burst open whilst she feebly attempted to fan the smell away! YIKES> Lisa and I managed to find it funny... once we regained consciousness and successfully kept the vomit down! People blew bubbles as per Mr.Cheese's request-as it added ambiance to the Sponge Bob song! Always with the activities! Makes sure the crowd never gets bored- though the music alone makes that quite impossible! Mr.Cheese, my hats off to you, I had a fantastic night. I only wish I could afford you for my dream wedding!

Monday, June 9, 2008

M.I.A. at McCarren Pool, Williamsburg BKLYN

June 8th 2008

I've been to quite a few concerts in my life. I plan on going to MANY MANY more. I am always looking for a reason to go to a show. It's usually a reason like... "I am obsessed with that album right now" "I should see them before they get too big" "This may be my last chance to see them" or even something as simple as "I've been wondering what that venue would be like..." etc.

Well, I saw M.I.A. at Macarren Pool in Brooklyn on Friday night... for all of the above reasons. and THANK GOD I WENT. Allow me to explain,

As I entered the venue, I realized it was like the "Jones Beach Theatre" of Brooklyn-(I love that theatre- so don't be hatin on it or I will have to bust a cap in yo ass. Haha. but seriously) It was open air, rain or shine, gave everyone the opportunity to see, and was WAY more fun to dance in than any closed up music hall or arena. The chipped blue paint of yesteryear made me realize that this was once one GIGANTIC EFFIN' POOL... and it's a good thing it was such a massive urban watering hole, because there's NO WAY it could've housed such a massive group of humans... EVER. I stood as far back as I deemed reasonable... and saw everything perfectly without having to compromise any body parts. So kudos to BKLYN and it's pool venue.

The crowd? The crowd was INSANELY diverse. As diverse as MIA's sound really. There were goth kids, punks, hipster trash, politically savvy yuppies and their kids, babies, grandmas, average joes- all in every shape, color, and size. and all were either smoking, drinking, or dancing- or in some cases- all 3.. or in other cases still ALL the aforementioned PLUS wearing all white carrying balloons and maybe doing even MORE drugs. All mentioned were extremely friendly and not a bit threatening... which is a new one for me...

Now, on to the music. IT WAS ASS THUMPING FANTASTIC. Here's the set list:

"Bamboo Banga"
"World Town"
"Pull Up The People"
"Fire Fire"
"20 Dollar"
"10 Dollar"
"Bucky Done Gun"
"Paper Planes"

All of this was set against an urban jungle backdrop, with kids and adults alike writhing, banging, and dancing in whatever fashion they were able. The energy was palpable. I had a mind blowingly fun time.

If you have the chance to ever see M.I.A.... say to yourself "I should see her before she gets any bigger" "This may be my last chance to see her" and "I am guaranteed to have an amazingly ass thumping time."