Friday, July 26, 2013

Free My Brightest Diamond Show at Damrosch Park!

My Brightest Diamond played a free show last night as part of the Lincoln Center Outdoors Festival at Damrosch park. As always Shara Warden was electric and a glowing phantom in gossamer white and black combat boots. So much new music premiered that my head is spinning like a top! The horn arrangements alone make me ache with anticipation for a new record. Each piece she writes is better than the last- and a true sign of the depth of her talent is how distinctive each new song is! A lot of her new work seems to revolve around the concept of cause and effect, of organization & chaos. She is even getting a little political with a song about war and peace featuring lyrics like "man of war come down from your tower.." and ending the song with Shara crooning "I'm not the bad guy". It was such a nice gift for Shara and her supporting musicians to perform this new body of work gratis for New
York! I am so thankful to be alive and well enough to have gone and heard such a siren call on what felt like an autumn evening. Thank you, my brightest diamond, may you keep on sparkling.

Rough Set List:
New Song "The voice ..."
High Low Middle
Be Brave
New Song "No never I said"
New Song "This is my hand..."
New Song "Man of power..."
New Song "When you close your eyes..."
New Song "In my future..."
I Have Never Loved Someone
New Song "I had grown wild..."