Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rasputina at The Troubadour (that's in LA!)

My friend Becky and I have been friends since we were awkward... well, since we were awkward teenagers. We met at 13 in our junior high cafeteria and became fast friends in our isolated corner. There was a lot of growing to do, and I was happy not to be doing it alone. At about 13, I began to gradually change- and NO not that sort of change. To the naked eye, it may have looked like nothing at all, the black eyeliner was getting dragged and turned up at the corners by millimeters every day 'til they looked like cats eyes, the colors of my wardrobe became shadier and shadier 'til they were black as pitch. Slowly, my descent into maddening, inspired, and hyper-creative music of the GOTHIC persuasion took over my entire being- my style, my attitude, humor, all but my eating habits were affected. Becky stayed a sunshine girl, and yet we managed, miraculously, to stay friends. At this time in our lives, there was one common musical bond between us, and that came in the form of Rasputina.

Having already gotten HEAVILY into acts like Nine Inch Nails, their protege Marilyn Manson and so on, I was ready to consume whatever Trent Reznor or his cohorts put their names on. Rasputina was a name at that time that kept popping up. They toured with and opened for Manson, Kevin McMahon of Prick revealed they were his favorite band, and Chris Vrenna (former NIN drummer) was slotted to be their producer on their next full length LP. I got into them immediately. I started simultaneously with "Thanks for the Ether" and "Transylvanian Regurgitations". A love affair that has spanned over a decade commenced. I told all my friends to go get it. Becky was one of the few friends who remained as steadfast as I in the fandom of Rasputina. Throughout junior high, high school, college, and beyond she has liked them alongside me.

There was only one thing we hadn't experienced together- and that was getting the chance to see Rasputina perform live, together. You see, shortly after we both graduated I decided I was a New Yorker, & began my residence in New York City for my college years, Becky, being of a sunny persuasion opted for Los Angeles. New York is where I stayed, and California is where Becky has stayed. I'm happy to say we've maintained a bi-coastal love affair, and have stayed very good friends. Not too long ago I mentioned upcoming Rasputina shows in NYC, and Becky had written me a sad little note of regret about her inability to join me. Then- something stirred in me. Like a bolt of lightning I shot out of my seat and onto my computer straight to Rasputina's website to see their entire list of tour dates and locations. Nearly one month after my show in New York City, there was an LA show at the Troubadour.

Dare I?

Plans were made almost instantly and a shot gun trip to Los Angeles sprang before me like an oasis in the desert of this working girls summer.

I won't BORE you with anymore details, so I won't get into the flight, or the subsequent vacation days spent before and after the show...

The experience of seeing a show in a different city is something I'm always obsessed with trying to do. The thought of getting to experience a new place, a new city, with a familiar sound- it's like hearing your favorite music in a brand new way. The Troubadour is an institution in Los Angeles. To me, it's like the Irving Plaza in NYC. We got our passes- (Becky's PRESS now- working for the awesome pop music blog Idolator) and headed straight to the rafters for an unobstructed view of the stage. When the show began, I was exasperated. The sound was pristine! Melora and Daniel's voices carried in symphonic majesty until it filling the whole venue with perfectly pitched song. The lighting was dark, but well orchestrated, and the crowd was great. This experience is one I will carry with me, forever, and cradle it fondly. Finally, since we were wee little weirdos, Becky and I got to see Rasputina together in concert. It really meant a lot to me. I guess this show is more about nostalgia and sentiment than the show itself, but all I get to have are my memories, and Rasputina has been and will continue to be a large number of the better ones.


Thimble Island.
Oh Bring Back the Egg Unbroken.
1816, The Year Without a Summer.
Holocaust of Giants.
Humankind, as the Sailor.
Teenage Kicks.
Calico Indians.
Snow-hen of Austerlitz.
Kinderhook Hoopskirt Works.
Sweet Sister Temperance.
The Olde Headboard.
Rose K.
High on Life.
Watch T.V.
Wish You Were Here.
Saline The Saltlake Queen.
Hunter's Kiss.
Wicked Dickie.
Diamond Mind.
Bad Moon Rising.
Possum of the Grotto.
The New Zero.