Thursday, August 1, 2013

Free Rasputina Show at City Winery!

A few days ago I chose to leave work on time. Why would I turn down the chance of making some overtime? Because I had a better offer, a nicer opportunity, a pleasant diversion. I had the sun slowly setting behind me and one of my favorite bands of all time playing a free show in front of me!
Rasputina has been in a bit of a musical hiatus as of late (to my great dismay). I've been eagerly awaiting Melora's return as well as her new collaborative project FaLeLa. Rasputina will be touring England come fall, with no word on a new album release, and there is still no solid report of FaLeLa's debut album release.

There are many query marks surrounding new material. There is no question, however, that Melora and Daniel's playing has become even more intricate and well timed. They play well together, and a strong dueling perhaps even slightly competitive cellist relationship exists between them. The drummer is consistent and is integral to keeping the time, although that evening I have to say she seemed to be speeding most of the songs up a bit. Luckily it did not throw any of the songs off and in fact increased some of the energy levels in the open alley venue.

Set list:
Thimble Island
Calico Indians
Secret Message
Holocaust of Giants
Humankind as the Sailor
The 2 Miss Leavens
Snow Hen of Austerlitz
Sweet Sister Temperance
1580 lyrics- a FaLeLa preview?
"All You Pretty Flowers"
Identity Tokens
Saline the Salt Lake Queen
Momma was an Opium Smoker
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