Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bands I've Seen Live over the years..

From most recent to my first... the list is not as long as i would like it to be... but alas, I have only a little bit of money...

Rasputina with An Horse- Nov '08
NINE INCH NAILS with Health- Nov '08
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- Oct '08
NINE INCH NAILS with Does it offend you yeah?- Aug '08
Yaz- Jul '08
The Cure- Jun '08
M.I.A.- Jun '08
Richard Cheese- Jun '08
Peter Murphy- Jun '08
Nikka Costa- Jun '08
Goldfrapp- Apr '08
Nick Cave, St.Vincent, Jose Gonzales- Mar '08
Siouxsie Sioux- Feb '08
Joanna Newsom- Feb '08
Rasputina Secret Show- Dec '07
Morrissey- Oct '07
The Misfits- Oct '07
Tori Amos- Oct '07
The White Stripes w. Grinderman- Jul '07
Violent Femmes- Jun '07
Rasputina- Apr '07
Violent Femmes- Oct '06
Goldfrapp- Oct '06
Nitzer Ebb- Sept '06
Lene Lovich- Sept '06
Gary Numan- Aug '06
NINE INCH NAILS, Bauhaus, & Peaches- Jun '06
Depeche Mode w. Goldfrapp- May '06
Fiona Apple w. Damien Rice- Jul '06
Rasputina- Jul '06
Goldfrapp- May '06
The Dresden Dolls- Apr '06
Depeche Mode- Dec '05
Bauhaus- Nov '05
Nine Inch Nails- Nov '05
Rasputina w. Sarah Slean, Contramano- Oct '05
The Dresden Dolls w. Devotchka- Oct '05
Beck- Oct '05
The Killers- Sept '05
Fiona Apple- Sept '05
Tori Amos- Aug '05
Dave Matthews Band with Gem- Jul '05
NINE INCH NAILS w. the Dresden Dolls- May '05 (2 nights)
Joan Jett with the Ravenettes- Apr '05
Marilyn Manson- Nov '04
Rasputina- Oct '04
Siouxsie- Sept '04
They Might Be Giants with Corn Mo-Jun '04
Rasputina- Dec '03
Dave Matthews Band- Aug '03
Prick- May '03
Rasputina- Feb '03
Dave Matthews Band- Dec '02
AREA2 feat. Busta Rhymes, David Bowie, & Moby-Aug '02
Rasputina- May '02
Siouxsie and the Banshees with Suicide- Apr '02
Elton John & Billy Joel- Mar '02
Rasputina- Oct '01
Jane's Addiction with Live- Oct '01
Tool- Oct '01
Aerosmith- Jun '01
KD Lang (hey, it was free)- Dec '00
David Bowie- Jun '00
Jimmy Page with the Black Crowes- Oct '99
Roger Waters- Aug '99
The Creatures- Apr '99
Alanis Morissette with Garbage- Feb. '99
Silverchair- Feb '99
Depeche Mode with Stabbing Westward- Oct. '98
Bauhaus- Sept '98
Billy Joel (front row with my MOM)- May '98
Jane's Addiction- Oct '97
Luscious Jackson and Live- Jones Beach Aug '97