Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yaz at the Beacon Theater

July 2008

So... It's been a while again. I haven't written a review. I apologize... but not really. because DAMN have I been a BUSY girl! In fact, I don't think I could give this review a fair bit of attention considering how long ago this show was. So I won't! Haha! All i can say was, it was an INCREDIBLE show- the stage design was minimalistic yet EXTREMELY effective. The sound was stellar, Miss Moyet's voice was flawless, and I loved spending all that quality time with my sister, my aunt helen, and my uncle jeff.

1. Nobody¹s Diary
2. Bad Connection²
3. Mr. Blue
4. Good Times
5. Tuesday
6. Ode to Boy
7. Goodbye ¹70s
8. Too Pieces
9. In My Room
10. Anyone
11. Walk Away From Love
12. Instrumental
13. State Farm
14. Sweet Thing
15. Winter Kills
16. Midnight
17. Unmarked
18. Bring Your Love Down (Didn¹t I)
19. Don¹t Go

20. Only You
21. Situation