Saturday, November 3, 2012

The First "Concert Review" Blog I Ever Wrote; Rasputina

Ever log into your old MYSPACE page? You should if you haven't. It's like a time capsule! I thought it would be fun to look back and reminisce. It was indeed VERY fun, and also interesting to see how much more VERBOSE I have grown over the years...

I stumbled upon my myspace blog and found what appears to be my first concert blog entry:
"Saw rasputina at bbking's last night. damn they're good. and damn the acoustics are good at that venue. they can make anyone sound amazing. even me. so if you ARE good well, you sound incredible. they played well. which is a dramatic understatement. Their setlist was pretty great including: Howard Hughes, The Things I'm Gonna Do, Rose K., Barracuda, Any Old Actress, The Mayor, Bad Moon Rising, OY I could go on and on... the high light for me was " High On Life " mainly b/c it's one of the only songs by them I haven't heard live. SO woo! good show!"
How cute! I think I shall spend the next few weeks maybe sorting through these lil' nuggets of concert reflection and posting them up on this blog. I got to be honest with you, it'll be good to reminisce since I can't afford concerts both financially and physically at the moment.