Monday, June 9, 2008

M.I.A. at McCarren Pool, Williamsburg BKLYN

June 8th 2008

I've been to quite a few concerts in my life. I plan on going to MANY MANY more. I am always looking for a reason to go to a show. It's usually a reason like... "I am obsessed with that album right now" "I should see them before they get too big" "This may be my last chance to see them" or even something as simple as "I've been wondering what that venue would be like..." etc.

Well, I saw M.I.A. at Macarren Pool in Brooklyn on Friday night... for all of the above reasons. and THANK GOD I WENT. Allow me to explain,

As I entered the venue, I realized it was like the "Jones Beach Theatre" of Brooklyn-(I love that theatre- so don't be hatin on it or I will have to bust a cap in yo ass. Haha. but seriously) It was open air, rain or shine, gave everyone the opportunity to see, and was WAY more fun to dance in than any closed up music hall or arena. The chipped blue paint of yesteryear made me realize that this was once one GIGANTIC EFFIN' POOL... and it's a good thing it was such a massive urban watering hole, because there's NO WAY it could've housed such a massive group of humans... EVER. I stood as far back as I deemed reasonable... and saw everything perfectly without having to compromise any body parts. So kudos to BKLYN and it's pool venue.

The crowd? The crowd was INSANELY diverse. As diverse as MIA's sound really. There were goth kids, punks, hipster trash, politically savvy yuppies and their kids, babies, grandmas, average joes- all in every shape, color, and size. and all were either smoking, drinking, or dancing- or in some cases- all 3.. or in other cases still ALL the aforementioned PLUS wearing all white carrying balloons and maybe doing even MORE drugs. All mentioned were extremely friendly and not a bit threatening... which is a new one for me...

Now, on to the music. IT WAS ASS THUMPING FANTASTIC. Here's the set list:

"Bamboo Banga"
"World Town"
"Pull Up The People"
"Fire Fire"
"20 Dollar"
"10 Dollar"
"Bucky Done Gun"
"Paper Planes"

All of this was set against an urban jungle backdrop, with kids and adults alike writhing, banging, and dancing in whatever fashion they were able. The energy was palpable. I had a mind blowingly fun time.

If you have the chance to ever see M.I.A.... say to yourself "I should see her before she gets any bigger" "This may be my last chance to see her" and "I am guaranteed to have an amazingly ass thumping time."

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