Friday, June 27, 2008

Peter Murphy at the Blender Theater Grammercy

June 2008

The Godfather of Goth. The man himself. Peter Murphy. He emerges from the back curtain, the small tuft of hair atop his head only accentuating his jagged facial features. A black chiffon shroud masks his features while he stands before the mic, then, it slowly flutters off of his head to reveal himself. His voice still remains in the perfect melodramatic timbre of his youth... only occasionally does it seem throatier, more enflamed... even darker.

Then, he speaks to the audience- Jovially answering any ridiculous question we can throw at him-"What are you wearing?" "I like your ring!?" and, my personal favorite "How do you stay so THINnnnnnn?" (This was asked by an androgynous man boy with what looked like Sioux inspired makeup). His reply? "I toured with Nine Inch Nails..." HAHAHAHA! Another great question- "Is your voice really that deep?" He laughed, smiled, and said in his gorgeously delicious accent, "Yes, actually.. well, really my voice is more like (in a high pitched raspy lisp) this". More laughs.

His voice is still ringing in my ears. Simply incredible set. It seemed to go on forever, and I was pleased at that notion... I was wondering why it seemed so special, then, I was pleased to discover that it was being filmed for a DVD release! Excellent news, and I shall certainly be on line to purchase that one. I danced dramatically. I was flanked by various stages of the gothic phases of evolution- including the Old Time, The Incognito Goth, the Teen Aged Goth, the Goth Lifers, The Grown Up Goth- They were all there paying homage to one of their gods.. which was yet another question posed... (what's it like being a god?) He laughed -maybe not humbly- but also with VERY little conceit he said "Oh lord, I am no god!". Also playing along side him was Mark GT of The Mission UK fame, who looks (to my pleasure) like a young Severus Snape mixed with Trent Reznor with a healthy smattering of my Boyfriend Dave- so I would like to take a moment to thank him for giving me an additional visually pleasing body to gawk at during the show!

The best moments for me, were when he would throw me a Bauhaus bone...of course! The most dramatic and exciting twist?! Well, that would definitely have to be when he performed Joy Divisions "Transmissions" and I swear became possessed by the spirit of Mister Ian Curtis himself! I've never known anyone to move the way Peter Murphy moves, and I have yet to see someone matched his flair, grace, and overall panache.

Burning from the Inside
Line Between the Devils Teeth
Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem
Gliding Like a Whale
I'll Fall with Your Knife
Sweetest Drop
Black Stone Heart
Crystal Wrists
Huuvola (performed with special guest, Sarah Fimm)
Deep Ocean, Vast Sea
Idle Flow

encore 1
The Three Shadows Part I
Strange Kind of Love (mixed with Bela Lugosi's Dead)

encore 2
She's In Parties (mixed with Bowies, Be My Wife)

encore 3
Transmission (Joy Division cover)
Cut's You Up
All Night Long
Final Solution
Your Face

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