Monday, June 30, 2008

Nikka Costa at the Bowery Ballroom

June 30th, 2008

I like to throw people off. I really do. What kind of music fan would I be if I stayed in ONE GENRE?! I'd be very specific. Easy to categorize. Simple to explain. Worst of all I would be **GASP** predictable! Therefore, I will throw you mothers a curveball!

Yes, I went to see Nikka Costa- the funkiest of all funky white red headed bitches to grace the stage in the 21st century! I have been a fan of hers since I was in high school, yet I never had the chance to see her live.... to my great dismay. That is UNTIL JUNE 30th 2008!!! Ahahahaha!

The venue was the Bowery Ballroom. A very humble yet extremely awesome setting where I have been to countless times in my life for various obvious and not-so obvious acts. The coolest part? There are 3 bars all strategically located throughout this little club. Even cooler? It's not full of assholes! (usually)

We got into the SOLD OUT show, and checked things out. Not much going on upstairs yet, so my comrade Leeann and I decided to hang out with a cocktail. The cocktail was good... but of course it also made me have to pee like a mothereffer. SOOOO I get on line for the ladies... we are standing there, for, roughly 2 minutes, when this VERY cute petite little mama in a ripped off the shoulder tshirt emerges from the john, while she washes her hands, I tilt my head, and stare knowingly. As I am realizing it- I hear a woman behind me go "NIKKA?! OH MY GOOOOOOD!!! Can I have a picture with you? YOU'RE AWESOME!!!" She was VERY cool, very gracious, absolutely posed, then said, "I got to go up stairs for the show now!". I can't believe she had to use the loo with the rest of us! Doth the Bowery Ballroom have not a private room for the fair lady? It was cool nonetheless.

Then the SHOW! WOWEE WOW WOW! It was as if (a far prettier) Janis Joplin was reincarnated on the stage! The energy was palpable, the mood was exuberant. I have never been to a concert where everyone was so accommodating, happy, fun, polite- or maybe I just have never been to a "funk" rock show before. People were in good moods, singing at respective pitches, dancing, clapping, and smiling. It made me realize a concert can be the catharsis for anything- not just sadness or anger... but love, joy, excitement... everything. It made me realize that music has no limit to its possibilities of expression. It quite frankly, made me want to learn how to play, and not just listen..
Go Nikka!!

I will gladly see that girl when ever she plays!

What I can remember..

Fooled ya baby
Like a feather
Everybody got their somethin'
Denial Twist
Happy in the morning
Can't please everybody
Push and pull
Stuck to You

Ended with
Corners of your mind

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