Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dances of Vice: Secrets du Coquettes

Step aboard and be swept away to a better time, a bigger time, a time where beauty was measured by the glint in your eye, the rouge on your cheeks, and the fabric on your shoulder. A time where the roar of the trumpet was the sound of a good night and the booze was passed around in secret. Step aboard the Jewel, and experience Dances of Vice: Secrets du Coquettes.

As far as late night Valentines Boat Cruises go, a week ago if you had asked me to one, I would've shuddered at the phrase and asked "Are you crazy?". Today, however, I am singing a different tune. Today, if you asked me to a Valentines Boat Cruise, I would probably smirk, raise an eyebrow, and ask in a throaty voice "Is it hosted by Dances of Vice?".

I am anti-Valentines Day as a rule. I think it's a Hallmark Holiday created to ensure the misery of all. If you're single you're miserable because you're alone. If you're in a relationship then you're miserable because you don't know what to do for your lover and it'll probably end with disappointment. If you're in a relationship on Valentine's Day, then you spend way too much money on SUPERFLUOUS things like, chocolates, flowers, and meals. If you're single on Valentine's Day, you end spending way too much money on NECESSARY things like alcohol and comfort food. As far as I'm concerned, everybody loses on Valentine's Day (except restaurants and florists).

I thought that this Valentine's Day would be like any other, that is, until I learned that DOV was hosting something in honor of this day of "love". I try to attend any Dances of Vice event I can get to. They're always fun, full of beautiful people, and extravagant finery. This evening was nothing short of perfect- and it was a miracle to boot. WHY?! Well, they got me to SMILE genuinely on what I consider the BLACKEST of holidays.

With stellar all night long performances from Brooklyn's Baby Soda Jazz Band, alluring burlesque from Gal Friday, and an intriguing lingerie fashion show by Renee Masoomian there was plenty to titillate the senses. The company was extraordinary, and at every turn was a smiling face and a photo opp. A big shining moment of glory for me, personally, was when I mustered up the courage to approach Mr. Brian Viglione of the Dresden Dolls, who was just there as a guest, and treat him like the celebrity he is for a fan pic.

It was everything a night out on the town used to mean in this city. It was sultry, whimsical, had good tunes blasting out of the live band, was chock full of beautiful exotic beauty, and ended much too soon. I've said it once, and I'll no doubt be saying it again, Dances of Vice, here's looking at you, kid, and I'll see you soon.

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