Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nick Cave: Bunny Munro Reading, Interview, & Book Signing

There's nothing quite like hearing Nick Cave saying phrases like "cunt crunches", and "slick with various juices" to pep up an otherwise mediocre Monday.

I was fortunate to discover that Mr. Cave was doing an interview, reading, and book signing for his 2nd novel, “The Death of Bunny Munro” here in NYC in the Union Square Barnes and Noble. Having never been to a reading and book signing before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I headed down as soon as I got out of work, and was (not-so) surprised to discover that, although the reading was to begin at seven, that most of the seats had been filled up. Luckily, I lfound a seat eighth row from the front.

Nick Cave is everything you wouldn't expect him to be. When you hear Grinderman, The Birthday Party, or The Bad Seeds you imagine a visceral, sex crazed, socially inept deviant straight from the pits of hell, who may, on occasion become quite somber and sentimental (in a good way). Nick Cave the Music Maker is all of that and then some. Nick Cave the Man, however, is courteous, well spoken, beautifully articulate, and expressive with his hands (in a non-threatening sort of way). The passages he chose to read from his book "The Death of Bunny Munro" only further impressed upon me his skill as an author. I felt the inspiration to write passionately and without disdain fill inside of me as he spoke his words to the captivated audience.

He talked about many things, namely some of the influences on the book itself, as well as the influences on his life. Namely love, sex, parenthood, and his constant intrigue and struggle to grasp at spirituality. The full interview will be available in a few days and will be reposted for your use in a few days (or as soon as I find it).

There was ONE thing I hadn't counted on... and that was my reaction to getting Mr. Cave's autograph. As the line shortened, and I rapidly approached the precipice of the "signing area". I felt a cold sweat begin to pool in the palm of my hands. I felt my body shake with violent nervous tremors. My breath rapidly quickened. As I approached Mr. Cave he looked up and cautiously smiled at me and said, "Hi, How are you?" "I'm NERVOUS!" I boisterously respond, tears welling up in my eyes. He smiles a little more warmly at me as he signs my already worn out copy of Bunny Munro and I manage to mumble, "Wow, I am quite a nervous wreck actually, it's just, that, you're my inspiration to write, and... you're..." as I am trying to say this I refuse to look in his eyes, he looks up at me, straight in the face and says "Thank you" extending his hand, "It was a pleasure to meet you" I shake his hand, the words "inspiration" trailing out.

and then I fled the scene. Overwhelmed by my own emotions. Who knew?

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