Friday, September 21, 2012

Patrick Wolf at Joe's Pub, 09/20/12

I felt the triumph of his voice bouncing off the tables, ringing through the serpentine narrowed path of the cramped cabaret of Joe's Pub. Waitresses and bus boys pushing food and drink as Patrick Wolf sang. He sang with gusto, with passion, he sang through his teeth his mouth bent into a wickedly curved grin, he sang from somewhere deep within himself and brought the house down to its knees.

When he was not singing, he was strumming at his uke, the harp, poising before the piano, or plucking at the dulcimer. The strings with him tonight were an exceptional touch. The cellist Alyssa was particularly a stand out for me, her glowing smile reached me from the stage. There was a lot of excitement and passion from the crowd as well. Many minutes of joy, of somber recognition, and especially of solidarity. I always feel so welcome and connected at Patrick Wolf shows. Tonight was an exceptional evening of like minded souls converging to listen to the music of another like minded soul. I went alone, but left feeling like I knew everyone there.

Patrick as always was gracious and accommodating to his fans. He made a very lengthy appearance afterwards, signing autographs, taking pictures, making chitchat, and hugs- so many hugs. What's not to smile about? When ever Patrick Wolf is in town, this city gets cozier.

Here's the Set List-
Teignmouth, Bitten, Paris, Wind in the Wires, Hard Times 2012, Overture, London, Oblivion, The Libertine, The Sun is Often Out, Together, Penzance, Theseus, The City, The Magic Position.

Be sure to go check out the livestream performance of the show as well. I wonder if I will be able to hear myself cheering!

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