Saturday, September 15, 2012

Florence + The Machine, Jones Beach

Not a Bad View for Last Minute Tickets!
A massive concrete shell sitting on the coasts of Zach's Bay, Long Island, Jones Beach Theater is one of the only stadiums in New York that I can even remotely begin to tolerate. You get sights, sounds, and smells that you don't normally get at a concert. The cool and refreshing autumnal bay breeze blowing around you, the sunset turning to dusk, dropping its spectral curtains to reveal the stars overhead, and the briny tang of salt air filling your nostrils are all welcome seaside comforts you get at Jones Beach Theater. As the lights dimmed and the sun began to set, Florence took to the stage in a beautiful ruffled gown favoring the shades of fall, with her signature shock of red hair flowing in the wind. The set list was predictable but reliably good. I am still disappointed at the live interpretation of "Heartlines", it does not have the same primal voracity performed live as it does on the album. Florence relies too much on audience participation, and sadly, New York concert goers have become too "cool" to lose their shit and scream "Hey Yeh Hey YEH!" to the beat of the music. Luckily, other classics like "Drumming Song" and the new performance of "Breath of Life" more than compensated for "Heartlines" lack of guttural aboriginal chants. Florence delivered an even performance, the timbre of her voice echoed enchantingly atop the sea breeze. "Breath of Life" was a haunting spectacle to behold, it left me with a chilled feeling that wasn't just the tide coming in. She is always worth the cost of the ticket...

Set List:
Only if for a Night 
What the Water Gave Me
Drumming song
Cosmic Love
Rabbit Heart
Leave My Body
Lover to Lover
Shake it Out
No light No Light
Dog Days are Over
Breath of Life

Also, Oddly enough, Patrick Wolf was there! We had a chance to chat. He had no business being anywhere in my vicinity, but, the Gods of Music felt frisky this night I guess. Yes my friend took guerrilla-style stalker pictures.

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