Saturday, February 26, 2011

Voltaire: Highline Ballroom 2/26/11

There are so many potential adjectives, metaphors, and similes one can use when describing the man known as Voltaire. Yet, the first thing that pops into my head is this... Voltaire is a GOTH Weird Al Yancovic... 

But honestly, that’s too narrow an explanation of the man. Most of his expansive catalog is original and is soaked with sarcasm, screaming with morbid visual imagery, and positively dripping with obscure and ridiculous Gothic pop-culture references. When you first take a look at Voltaire, it comes as no surprise to find him dressed in all black- black pants, black shoes, black shirt, and even a well-tailored black brocade jacket, with a tilted black top hat partially obscuring his face. Beyond the dapper black top hat- we find a man of pale complexion with dark hair, and dark eyes- no big surprise considering the style. What amazes you, however, is the inevitable revelation of his half cocked smile while he jovially jokes with the audience. What he’s saying between songs, and even while he plays is usually some melodramatic self-deprecating jab about his looks and character, his wife, friends, fans, or the idiots plaguing life in general-- all while taking enormous swigs of booze- erm- I mean "Apple Juice". 

Despite your Goth tendencies, it’s hard not to laugh out loud at the playful tunes he bellows out. Songs like “Zombie Prostitute” will have you cringing while you chuckle, and the “Twilight” Edition of “Vampire Club” will have you rooting for Team Voltaire by the time the song is done.  Sometimes, it’s good to not take yourself so seriously, no matter what genre you might be affiliated with.

Here's a disorganized list of some of the tunes bellowed out 
by Voltaire whilst playing a BROWN (**gasp**) guitar:

Death, Death (Devil, Devil, Evil, Evil Song)
Zombie Prostitute.
Hate Lives in a Small Town. 
All Women are Crazy. 
When You're Evil. 
Vampire Club (Twilight Edition)

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