Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rasputina: Highline Ballroom 2/26/11

How Soon is Now?
There's not much left that I can say about Rasputina after seeing and talking about them for over a decade now. The thing about Rasputina is, no matter how many times I see them live... it's a pleasure to be there. Every time I hear the strum of that throaty cello, it is a pang in my ribcage and a sinking sort of romance in my head. The chills that run up and down my spine and wriggle around my brain have never ceased in all the years that I have been attending their shows. It has to be true love, for these feelings have only gotten stronger with the years.

Melora's playing is perfection incarnate- the delicate intricacies of her cello performance is rivaled only by her protege Daniel DeJesus. Her unique voice with its strange and charming inflections rang out melodically throughout the entire concert, drawing smiles across the faces of her fans as the sound of it fluttered over us. If Melora's singing was the meat of the song, then paired with it, like a fine wine was Daniel's backing vocals, which added body and an extra emotional depth.

Snow Hen of Austerlitz
It is quite clear just by listening to last night's performance that Melora does indeed run a very tight ship. Each song was deliberate and concise and as always an epic pleasure to listen to.

Someday, I hope to be able to boast seeing Rasputina enough times to fill an entire year. It would be one of the greatest years of my life, for sure.

Here's the setlist from what I remember.. (out of order)

1816, The Year Without a Summer.
Holocaust of Giants.
Thimble Island.
Snow Hen of Austerlitz.
Possum of the Grotto.
Saline the Salt Lake Queen.
Oh Bring Back the Egg Unbroken.
In Old Yellowcake.
How Soon is Now?
This, My Porcelain Life.
The New Zero.
The 2 Miss Levens.
Calico Indians.
Wacth T.V.
Signs of the Zodiac.

My personal highlight: Hunter's Kiss.

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  1. Man that sounds like a good time. The opening 2 songs on the list are my 2 favorite.