Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beirut at Rumsey Playfield

This was a strange concert event for me. I hadn't gotten tickets to see Beirut, although, I admit I have a certain fondness for their eclectic "indy" sound. My friend at the last minute asked me to go, gratis- as he had purchased two tickets and couldn't find anyone who could attend! I am as surprised as you are at this premise but I took the ticket! The show was fun, albeit it filled with semi-enthused hipsters only pretending to enjoy themselves while waiting on lines for the ATM machines. Every now and then I would notice a genuinely excited Beirut fan in the thralls, but they quickly extinguished their enthusiasm when they began to get stares and blatant eye rolling. I do not like this whole "dead inside at concerts" phenomenon. We are all here to be HERE in THIS MOMENT. We paid money to hear and see this group of musicians performing songs that we LIKE... so can we please act like it?  

Scenic World
Elephant Gun
East Harlem
Postcards From Italy
Santa Fe
The Shrew
Port of Call 
A Sunday Smile 
Serbian Cocek 
The Rip Tide The Akara 
My Night with the Prostitute from Marseille
The Penalty
After The Curtain 
The Gulag Orkestra

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