Friday, March 16, 2012

I haven't sent a text message post in a very long time, in the age of smart phones and portable doodads it seems silly to send a text blog post anymore. Yet, as I sit here on this bus barreling southward towards Washington DC it dawned in me that it's been a long while since I've written.

It's not because I haven't had anything to write. 2011 went out with an explosive force of energy like I've never experienced before. I saw the Cure at the Beacon Theatre, I went to the Czech Republic, and, I received the greatest gift I've ever had the honor and privilege to receive, a diamond ring from the love of my life.

2012 began quietly, with a content smile on my face, then a sudden jolt and frenzy of activity l had me summersault in merriment - I got a fancy new studio with my team to design in, I had brunch with one of my favorite musicians of all time (seriously, I'm still reeling) which inadvertently leaves me short one copy of Brumalia (you owe me a copy mr. you know who you are! I am all smiles as I say this), I wept at Madame Butterfly, then I saw Miss Piggy in her wedding dress ala Muppets take Manhattan, followed up by Zola Jesus at Webster Hall. That was just January and February.

Now it's March and here I am on a bus, eagerly awaiting my arrival at one of my oldest friends doorsteps to take in some smiles and hopefully the sight of cherry blossoms in our Nation's capital. Next week I am seeing Fiona Apple.

With all this good stuff having happened, happening, and about to happen... How is it that I haven't written? Well, with all the good life gives you, there must be a balance with the bad. It's been a personally tumultuous time for me, physically and emotionally speaking. Admitting weakness has never been a strong point for me, and even just writing that sentence has me hesitating to continue, but I'm trying to break a spell, undo a hex, lift a curse, uncork myself and my ability to create and be creative.

I want to be myself again.

So, maybe this is a start of my blogging again, or an apology to myself for the way I've been avoiding my own passions- I don't know. I just know that life despite its demented curve balls doused in gasoline... Is predominantly good and needs to be celebrated more often by me... And you too.

Thanks for reading.

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