Monday, September 19, 2011

Patrick Wolf at Le Poisson Rouge 09/18/11

I could regale you with yet another tale of technical proficiency, raw talent, poetry, and beauty that happened at last night's Patrick Wolf show at Le Poisson Rouge... but, really, who wants to hear me repeat myself over and over again? SO, I'll keep it quick. Last night's show was nothing short of wonderful and miraculous. Not only had I managed the SAME EXACT best seat in the house (as in front row, directly in front and beneath the center mic), but I was surrounded by wonderful fans who by the end of the night would become some new friends of mine. Later on, I was greeted by a mischievous Patrick who a quarter into the show, looked down at me, and in joking condemnation says "Krissy! Can you see the set list?!" Seeing as how I COULD NOT, I shook my head "No" only to receive the rebuttal, "Oh, so you're JUST PSYCHIC then?!" No, Patrick I am not psychic, I have just listened to your music so damned much, that I can recognize what you're about to play by the 3rd chord in... and I'm sure I am not alone in this gift.

Much like the previous night, it began with a bang, and was rather serious, and then... that proverbial necktie would begin to loosen, and before you knew it- Patrick was draping his lanky form across the piano and harp and any other inanimate object,  and say he was in a "very drapey" sort of mood thanks to the days photo shoot. It was really such a treat having Patrick and Victoria be so candid with the audience, and with each other. I couldn't help but be moved at the sight of Victoria Sutherland- when after Patrick dedicated "Godrevy Point" to her Aunt that was in the audience began to cry. As Victoria attempted to compose herself, I felt the tears in my own eyes begin to well up (you see I have a strict rule that NO ONE cries alone in my presence), and then- the tears came rolling down as Patrick walked over and gave his dear friend and fellow player a warm and supportive hug. It was one of the sweetest things I've ever witnessed on a stage and in a concert setting. That sense of uplifting kindness, that genuine tenderness, was evident throughout the entire evening, but, in that one moment, it was the very culmination of positive energy.

Patrick unabashedly shared more stories about the truth and history behind his songs, and, a personal triumph for me was that he obliged to play the song I had asked him to play the night before, "The Tinder Box". He revealed that the song, although based on a Hans Christian Anderson tale by the same name, was actually painfully autobiographical and far too personal to put directly on an album. The b-sides, it turns out, are where he puts his "diary" songs, and revealed that to hear them is like being told a secret about him, and that it always flatters him to hear that people love to listen to them.

There was a lot of bittersweet moments as the night came to a close, you see, Patrick and Victoria seemed to have enjoyed their short stint playing the West and East Coast, and had a hard time saying goodbye to it... This was especially evident at the close of the show, when, a small gathering of fans hung around outside the club doors inside Le Poisson Rouge, and was rewarded with what can only be described as an impromptu Q&A meet and greet- that lasted far longer than anyone could've anticipated.

Now, (obviously) I am not a timid person, and at this point I am comfortable enough to not only grab a seat next to Patrick but to also give him a silly gift. You see, the night before he had mentioned his woes of misplacing a plastic Halloween cup he got in one of our "Halloween Scene" type stores, so, knowing that England hasn't caught up to America on the sheer awesomeness of Halloween paraphernalia, I took it upon myself to buy him a set of plastic crystal skull goblets (with spinal cord stems). Man, what a worthwhile purchase that turned out to be, because the second he got that thing unwrapped he dumped his drink straight into it and began casually joking around with us. I think the pictures say it all...

The WONDROUS Set List:
Time of m life
Bermondsey st
The Days
The Railway
Wind in the Wires
The Future
All I Want (Joni Mitchell)
Land's end
The Falcons
Pigeon Song
Top of the City (Kate Bush)
The City
Godrevy point

The Magic Position

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