Thursday, November 18, 2010

La Roux at T5

I have never been to a true "pop" concert before.

Most of the music I'm into falls into the rock alternative category, or, most recently into the more obscure realms of neue chamber and neo-baroque music. I'm a little goth chick at heart, always skewing to the left of popular culture, although most of the music I enjoy ends up in the popular section after a while. I stumbled upon La Roux thanks to a positive mention on Patrick Wolf's twitter account about a year ago, and then discovered "Bulletproof" was the free download of the week on itunes. I gave her a go, and almost instantly I found myself bopping along to her 80s new wave influenced beats. I've been seeing her name pop up all over the place recently, and that she's been relentlessly touring for what seems like eons. I decided I should see her perform live before she gets any bigger, and I am ever so glad I did!

I have never seen a true "pop" concert before.

I forgot that people danced at shows. I haven't seen enthusiasm that matched my own at a concert in years. I thought I was the last of my kind. It turns out that I am not the last of my kind, it's just that my kind of enthusiasm isn't seen in the alcohol soaked confines of the dark rock music genre... they're seen in the alcohol soaked confines of the neue-new wave music genre! People were happy. They were merrily bopping and casually spilling their drinks on their own shoes then laughing about it milliseconds later. The smiles of the audience were shining like stars. I was dazzled by the celebratory nature of it all. It was easy to become infected with the rhythm of the music, and find yourself dancing.

I was worried that La Roux was a product of the pop "can't hack it" bandwagon- as in she can't really sing and she can't perform. My worries were immediately vanquished as soon as the show began with "Tigerlilly". She had a reliable albeit a little serious stage presence, with a voice that projected well and went well with the booming bass beats and new wave synth notes. Terminal 5 was actually the perfect setting for this show. I know, it's kind of surprising to hear me say this, but, I always said that T5 had the layout of an old school 80s club and not a concert hall. That is why for La Roux T5 was a perfect fit! On every level of this massive industrial space you could see rows upon rows of dancing figures grooving and singing along. It became the set of every awesome 80s movie party scene I could think of- except with better lighting, hairstyles, and clothes (for the most part). My personal favorite moment of the night came when La Roux introduced the one cover song they do, "Under My Thumb" by The Rolling Stones. This was by far one of the best and most unique renditions of this classic I'd ever heard. It was refreshing and fun- especially considering how different it sounded coming from a woman. BRAVA La Roux!

However, there was a crowd moment that takes the credit for being the best part of my evening. When we finally got to hear her big single of the year "Bulletproof" the crowd went positively wild- like they'd been waiting to get their groove back for YEARS and needed this song to do it. The vibe was so crazy that the bartenders could barely focus on their work. They were so utterly flabbergasted by the crowd!

I'm happy La Roux was my first true POP Experience. With her clear 80s new wave influences, this is the kind of Pop I can get behind.

Here's the Set List:
As If By Magic.
I'm Not Your Toy.
Armour Love.
Growing Pains.
Under My Thumb. (Rolling Stones)
Colourless Colour.
In For the Kill.

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