Wednesday, November 3, 2010

FloHO! (Florence + The Machine plays the Apple Store in SoHo)

Every now and then you got to seize an opportunity when it presents itself to you, no matter what the cost. Yesterday was such a day. I was sitting in my office cubicle, working on the packaging design for food products as per the usual Tuesday morning in the day of the life of Madame K. I was still reeling from the Florence concert I'd attended the night before, on November 1st. I went onto Facebook to see if there was anything posted about the show. There, I saw an update from the Florence FB Fanpage alerting NY'ers that Flo & Co. would be playing a small acoustic set at the Apple Store in SoHo. Wristbands would guarantee admission to this FREE special event, and would be available that morning only.

I looked around my desk area cautiously. Then I decided to press my luck. Look, I'm not PROUD about fibbing about being sick or faking doctor's appointments, but, every now and then it's a necessary measure to take to assure bliss. I whipped up a "forgotten Doctor's appointment" email which by the grace of God guaranteed an early exit to get to the show. Once I got the "OK" from my wonderfully understanding (if gullible) boss, I called the SoHo Apple Store to confirm if there were even still a few wristbands available... "Yes there are, but if you're not down here in about 10 mins, they'll probably be gone, they're going fast". I discreetly FLED right then and there from my midtown office onto the F train straight to the Broadway and Lafayette Stop and briskly booked it to the Apple Store. A mad dash up the glass slatted stairs led way to victoriously securing a chipper canary yellow wristband. I couldn't believe my luck!

By 3 p.m. I went into full stealth ninja mode, and made my discreet escape back to SoHo. I was only half kidding about the doctor's appointment though, considering what I needed was a prescribed dose of a beautifully awesome acoustic set from Dr. Florence and her machine band- consisting of the singularly beautiful harpist and an acoustic guitar player. I got to the store at 3:15 and I had already missed out on a shot at a SEAT! I was OK with that, mainly because I was so happy just to be there. I managed to score the second most ideal spot considering the situation, I was directly behind the last row of chairs, allowing me to perch my bags, and lean my elbows on a comfortable surface.

The enthusiasm of the crowd was palpable. Though I guess a free and exclusive acoustic set from a performer who sold out Terminal 5 both nights will do that to a person...

Florence emerged with her two-man band, dressed in a day time version of her white gossamer gown with the cinched at the waist black bow I had seen her in the night before. She wore no blood red on her lips, and was... more real. It was here in this strange little setting that I met the young woman known as Florence Welch. She giggled, she grinned, she even complained about her knack for successfully repelling technology ("every time I come to America, I lose an iphone!"). She was quite the little charmer, who's "not as tall" as everyone thinks she is. She was not at all serious or brooding as I saw her at the show the night before. The casual atmosphere made this performance a real pleasure, and it turns out that the store was quite the showcase for that powerful set of vocal chords of hers. I think this show really exhibited her vocal talent, and hearing it there made me wish I could hear her with her full backing band in a better quality, more intimate space.

This was to be the ULTIMATE encore to the T5 show the night before... I even got to hear one track that didn't get played the night before!

Here's the Set List: 
Cosmic Love.
Drumming Song.
Girl with One Eye.
Between Two Lungs.
Hurricane Drunk. **
Dog Days Are Over.

**Well worth losing 2 hours of Paid time!

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