Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Inappropriate feelings about Porchetta

A few months ago, before the infamous food writing class, I had some time to kill. Armed with a 30% off coupon from Blackboard Eats, I decided to head down to a little hole in the wall food shop with a single counter to perch upon , called Porchetta. You guessed it. All they serve is Porchetta. Gloriously cooked dripping with its natural juices and fat- porchetta. Porchetta. PORCHETTA. Oh, it's such a naughty word to me now. It's been so long yet I can still feel the crust of the bread, the crunch of the crispy lightly burned bits of fat, & the moist, salty, & distinctively succulent flesh of the pork upon my anxious tongue. This sandwich was a full on food porno... with an unlikely surprise guest star, Honey Lemon Brussel Sprouts. I think I didn't know what PORCHETTA really was 'til the Porchetta Sandwich Shop showed me the way. Go ahead, slip away from your crowd at the Bourgeois Pig & slink into Porchetta & see for yourself. MMM, My mouth is still watering...