Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Perfect Saturday: Part II

Part II: Dinosaur BBQ

After being inspired by all the medieval glory of the cloisters, we went for a MAJOR change of pace... an early bird dinner at Harlem's ever growing in popularity Dinosaur BBQ.

I pigged out on Creole Spiced deviled eggs, fried green tomatoes, chicken wings, spicy shrimp boil, Cajun corn, decadent roasted whipped sweet potato with a spicy nut topping, and Memphis style BBQ pulled pork sandwich. What's "Memphis Style"? That just means a nice serving of coleslaw slapped generously on top! Top that off with a frosty cold pitcher of Arrogant Bastard Ale and you've got one ultra satisfied Madame K!

There were a few high points of the meal experience for me. The Creole spiced devilled eggs... How do I put this delicately... They made me want to PUNCH THE CHEF IN THE FACE and then take him home and have his babies. Devilled Eggs are not usually something I go BUCK WILD for, until I ate this bad boy. I didn't know the center of a devilled egg could be whipped into creamy submission whilst trying to fight back with a tangy little zip of Creole spice! It was a regular S&M scene in my mouth the whole time I munched away at this simple unassuming little egg! Do yourself a favor, put your devilled egg prejudices aside and try one of these things out. Tell me if you don’t end up digging the idea of a devilled egg a little more post consumption.

As a rule, I order pulled pork whenever I go to a BBQ joint. It’s a bizarre fixation of mine. It’s something that has even permeated my subconscious— when I awoke from anesthesia and the doctor asked me how I felt My response was “How do I feel? I feel like a pulled pork sandwich- can you get me one?!”. So, without any hesitation, I ordered a Memphis Style Pulled Pork sandwich platter. Juicy, rich, and smoky, this pulled pork was just what my starved body was asking for. I threw on some extra spicy BBQ sauce- but only a little was needed. Every bite elevated me an inch closer to BBQ heaven. The coleslaw was tangy with a nice crunch, and it wasn’t too sweet either. It was the perfect catalyst to the boldness of the pulled pork. Throwing back a swig of the Arrogant Bastard Ale was the perfect finishing touch.

Every New Yorker should get their asses up there and try Dinosaur BBQ out.

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