Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Rant.

For me, pre-game adventures are an intrinsic part of the concert going experience. I don't mention them much, but I feel inclined to briefly discuss the events preceding the Fever Ray concert I attended this past Tuesday night. To start, I walked from my office in the Flatiron District, all the way down the brink of the Lower East side to justify the food and drink I was about to consume. I arrived at my destination, Prune, to meet my two concert cohorts and a friend for the evening. Prune has been recently made famous by toting the honor of "The Best Bloody Mary in all of NYC". I dually noted that there was a burger and Bloody Mary special for the "affordable" price of $15. So, I ordered it, and... YEAH it was a joke. Go there to drink a Bloody Mary and go somewhere else to eat! The "Burger" was a SLIDER, one singular slider, with a small serving of McDonald-esque fries! Although it was a tasty little ping-pong sized ball of meat- I couldn't BELIEVE I spent more than a few bucks on it! I mean, HONESTLY Prune, do you think you will stay in business with absurdly pretentious food, mediocre drinks, and a LOUSY wait staff?! Eh, you probably will. NYC is dumb that way...

OK. Rant over. Now, onward to discuss the evening spent in the serpentine labyrinth that is Webster Hall.

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