Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bat for Lashes at Webster Hall

Dear Natasha,

You gorgeous woman. You move about the stage like a wild hummingbird with fur for wings. Your voice when speaking is breathy and quiet, barely audible on stage with its tastefully discreet English accent. Then, your voice transforms into an alluring siren call beckoning me closer and closer to the jagged rocks of your sound. Certain death doesn't await me there, however, the only certain thing is the quality of your music.

Drag me into the bowels of the seedy and dilapidated Webster Hall in the stagnant heat surrounded by your avid and eager fans, see if I mind. Let the stench of stale beer and cheap perfume invade my senses. See if poor lighting will stop my reverence.

Through the layers of thick humid air I see the faux moon on stage is full and the painting of the wolf is howling. I attempt to quietly listen, mouthing the words, and barely able to contain the impulse to dance. There are two types of followers in the crowd: the immobile drones and the simmering wild ones, barely able to keep still. Pearl's Dream does it. The wild ones are moving. Their hips and heads sway to the beat.

Your body suit is skin-tight and reveals your thin & frail frame, your arms are draped with white blonde hair, as you sway and swing your arms about the hair flows languidly like the feathers of a lazy bird fanning itself.

I only mourn this one fact: Your set was too short. You didn't overstay your welcome, in fact, you seemed to disappear before we were through. Next time, please, don't leave me so abruptly?

Thank you for another wonderful night!


Madame K

Glass. Sleep Alone. Horse & I. Tahiti. Siren Call.The Wizard. Two Planets. Sad Eyes. Traveling Woman. Whats a girl to do? Pearls Dream. Priscilla. Good Love. Moon & Moon. Trophy. Daniel.

& Other Lives were brilliant and VERY nice & approachable! They very graciously autographed my friends CD, even drew a dinosaur!

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