Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nylon Summer Music tour- Second Act: The Plasticines

There are only four things you need to know about The Plasticines, and they all begin with the letter "F": They are Fashionable, Female, Fucking Talented, and French.

The Plasticines are a beautiful and talented rock group hailing from France. Each member is distinctive and is a rather ingenious representation of an iconic female symbol. We have Katty on Vocals/Guitar, representing the CLASSIC blonde bombshell straight out of an awesome 50's style B-Movie that you can't stop watching. Marine on Guitar a Blondie-inspired self assured rock chick who kicks it classic like Keith Richards only with better breasts and more clarity. Louise on Bass who's strong, silent, and independent and whose stage personality is as quiet, mysterious, and sexy as George Harrison. Finally, there's Anaïs on Drums- with her streaked glitterati make up making me instantly recall my beloved Jem and The Holograms and actually reminded me that women CAN play drums!

I noticed a trend from this evening, and it's that each band performed very well, and they had their own unique "schtick". The Plasticines, in the midst of a VERY impressive rendition of Nancy Sinatra's classic "These Boots Were Made for Walking" had asked the audience to clap along. We all obliged... or at least I thought we all did. Right there, in the middle of the "breakdown" Katty stops the music and says in her gorgeous little French accent something along the lines of "Ey! Ass-ole! You are not clapping! Why? Clap! Or we will not play!" The nameless "asshole" did not comply, and the ladies made good on their promise! They all moved up towards the front of the stage (the drummer even left her kit) and began heckling him in French. They didn't play until he obliged to their whim! They ended with a song appropriately titled "I am a Bitch". This made me grin ear to ear, had me laugh, shake my head, and utter "classic".

Their music is fun and easy to bop around to OR rock out to depending on your desires. They played a short and sweet set and they gave me the right impression without being pushy. Their performances were vivacious, and had me asking for a wee little more when their time was up. For those of you who didn't like their "attitude" all I can say is this; if Mick Jagger did what they did, y'all would've been ALL over it, but apparently having a vagina makes all "edge and dry humor" come off as snobby. Fabuleux!

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