Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nylon Summer Music tour- First Act: Jaguar Love

There are a few things I always expect when I go to a show:

1. There will be an obscenely long line, and it will be chaos.
2. They SAY the time for the doors to open, but they will most likely not let you in until about a ½ hour after the fact.
3. The opening act always takes longer than scheduled to set up, and get on stage, and they almost always overstay their welcome with the eager crowd.

I am pleased to say that none of these things occurred at the Highline Ballroom a few nights ago. It’s true, the lines formed rapidly to enter the Highline Ballroom, but they were organized and well conceived. The doors opened promptly at 6. With THREE performers coming on before the headliner, they somehow managed to set up a lightning speeds, were on stage in a gif, and stayed long enough that we got an idea of who they were, yet left before our ADD got the better of us.

Nylon magazine’s Summer Music Tour featured many acts- the first performers of the line up being Jaguar Love. Like I said, they came on promptly. I have to admit, they just weren’t my sound. They were loud- which is impressive for a two-piece band, but Death From Above just did it better. I didn’t really notice that much of a difference between each song, though in their defense- songs tend to become an ambient backdrop of noise if you don’t know the music. I will give them high marks for enthusiasm, but not for manners. We were a rather large cluster of women in the front row, and though we're tough, we're still dainty (a conundrum, I know) and deserved to be treated as such.

One of the coolest moments of their performance was when they jumped down from the stage and played in the middle of the crowd. This move, however, had them slam and rush from the front of the stage and cause some serious physical injury to the pretty women around me! Not cool, young men! All they had to say was "MOVE!" or "Get outta the way!" and surely, we would've complied.

If I were a teacher, I'd give them a C-. I wouldn't see them play alone, but I certainly didn't mind seeing them as an opening act for, let's say... Patrick Wolf.

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