Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dead on a Friday: A Brief Introduction & LIVE!

What can I say about Dead on a Friday? Well, a lot actually. I was introduced to them roughly 7 years ago in Queens. I have learned that their sound is sometimes referred to as "So-Cal" Punk. I assume this means "audible melodic punk music". I always claim I am an open minded music fan- but I got to admit, it took my introduction to lead singer Dave Fox to give punk a chance. He explained to me Dead on a Friday's influences like Bad Religion & The Misfits, & that punk's intent is to be honest and straightforward, both musically & lyrically. Dead on a Friday recently played a show on LI at a bar called The Blue Parrot, & I'm glad to say that not only was the sound of this 3-piece outfit tighter than ever, but their newest songs "Early Grave" & "Good Old Days" have successfully maintained their classic rockin' Queens punk roots & their honesty while still remaining relevant. I can always count on Dead on a Friday to do a good show. In this unreliable world, I'm glad I can count on them.

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