Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Of Montreal

A tiger in a 3-piece suit assaults a young robust woman. Gas mask wearing nuclear families and their Christmas trees poison one of their own with a strange, infectious, and deadly gas. Feathers shoot out of elaborate tubes. A sex maniac wearing a hot pink asymmetrical leotard throws glitter. Jesus and Pigs. There are dancing red sheet people aiding a musician in acrobatics. A myriad color show of bizarre and dynamic proportions is projected behind the players on the stage. There is a guitarist wearing feathered football shoulder pads. The icing on this crazy ass cake is that this all takes place in an old olive oil factory. This is not a drug-induced nightmare. This is not one of my wildest dreams. This is just another Of Montreal show that happened in Williamsburg this past Friday night in its Music Hall on 6th street.

Kevin Barnes, adorned in a Prince-esque purple leather waist cinched jacket, obscenely tight pants, and a pair of fantastic magenta kitten heels is the ringleader to this nightmarish circus of sound and vision. He wore silver eye make up and sang like a cherub freshly introduced to cocaine. I was in a sheer opulent heaven of confusing sound and vision.

Of Montreal is one of those groups that hipsters once knew and loved. Then- the unthinkable happened. They sold a snippet of one of their more famous tracks to be used in a commercial for Outback Steakhouse. They were shunned from the Indie scene for their "sell out" tactics. I was never a fan of the "scene". I am not in it- and I pray I never am. For, the "scene" has too many unreasonable rules and stipulations... My only rule is, "If I like what you make, it's good for me." Of Montreal is good. They are glitter and nightmares combined... the unknown love-child of David Bowie. Their eccentric sounds and visual representation make them one of the more interesting groups out there. If you have even a shred of creativity in you you'll appreciate what they're doing. You may not like it- but you'll certainly appreciate it.

The sound was stellar and over the top. I have seldom heard such a wild montage of musical styling performed on one stage. One moment they were Glam to the extreme, the next they were funk, soon there after they were punk rockers, another moment they would transform into a sketch comedy group. YES there was even interpretive dance. This is all flashy I admit, but underneath the "show" there's quality music being made.

NO style is safe from them. They will take it, remodel it, and make it their own. I have seen the future of music, and it's model is Of Montreal. Do have a listen sometime. OH- and remember to smile and dance. That seems to be their lifelong musical mission.

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