Tuesday, March 3, 2009

doin' it while driving

You know you do it. Everybody does it. Every now and then you feel the impulse strike, and before you even realize it, you're totally doin' it while driving. You know it's distracting to other drivers, and hell- as good as it feels you KNOW you really should be paying more attention to the road... but you can't help yourself. You know what I'm talking about- don't act like you DON'T!

I'm talking about Car Kareoke. Oh yeah baby.

You know, I used to sing in the shower, but I have pretty much stopped that over the last few years. Why? Well, simply put it's a time waster and I (like the rest of us) don't HAVE time anymore. In fact, the only "wasteful" time I seem to have is the time spent traveling from point A to point B in my trusty Volkswagon Beetle- Lucy. I recently acquired a SIRIUS XM radio for her... and I find myself singing. Loudly. Obnoxiously. The way I used to in the shower. I think I've discovered the modern girl-on-the-go's answer to Singing in the Shower--- CAR KAREOKE!

Bad Day at work? SING on the car ride home! Acting as designated driver to your drunken pals? SING to them 'til they laugh, puke, or pass out! Preparing yourself for a obligatory holiday with your family? SING on the way!

I wish I could understand WHY it feels so good to sing badly in a car... but alas, I cannot. The only thing better than singing in the car- is singing DUETS in the car. So, do yourself a favor...bring a friend into your car and sing on the way to whatever your destination. It will do you a world of good.

Suggestions, Guidelines, and Helpful Tips on Car Kareoke:

1. As much as you want to, DO NOT close your eyes while performing car kareoke.*
2. For longer trips, create "setlists" that will make the kareoke ride more enjoyable beforehand.
3. If you are as off key as I am, do yourself a favor- and NEVER perform car kareoke without the music- without the music car kareoke may have the opposite effect of what you were trying to accomplish.
4. Do not DANCE whilst performing Car Kareoke**
5. Make sure the songs you perform do not exceed more than 3-4 minutes***
6. Play the music loud enough for other cars to potentially hear, but not SO loud you cannot hear yours or your partner's singing.
7. Ballads, funny tunes, autobiographical, and/or nostalgic tunes work the best. This is the one case where the cheesier IS the better!
8. For more of a "studio quality" sound- keep the windows rolled up. For more of a "live concert" experience, roll the windows all the way down!
9. Unless you have Sirius XM or Pandora for your car- stay away from the radio. Too many commercials.
10. Use the SHUFFLE functions in any of your automitive electronic auditory devices. Half the fun is in not knowing what you're going to sing next!

*Your eyes SHOULD remain on the road.
**You may pump one fist, use one hand and a mic prop, or do other various single hand gestures, as well as certain head movements.
**excluding Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"

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  1. This is what I miss most about driving...really...just singing in the car!