Monday, February 11, 2008

Sioux at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza

February 10th 2008

One word. "Dumbfounded".

Siouxsie is the most beautiful woman ever to have graced a stage. I feel honored to have looked upon her in all her various incarnations. Once with the Creatures. Once with the Banshees. Once a splendid evening with her and songs from both incarnations. and now, solo.

She emerged 2 hours late- and my impatience waned the second she appeared. She stood, hair jet black and perfectly teased, eyes in their trademark decor, lips full and red, wearing a sleek spandex jumpsuit with a cut down in a gorgeous V between her perfectly FIRM breasts LOL. The Barbarella inspired space suit was black, silver, and light metallic pink V patterns, which continued downs to her perfect knee high boots. She was accessorized majestically with a black leather utility belt, and a silver bondage inspired belt.

She commences to put on one of the best shows I've ever seen. And even better I am flanked by the lovely Paul and Brian :-)! We were roughly 3rd row. I wish they allowed pictures. But alas- I do not own a camera phone and they wouldn't let cameras in :-( IF ANYONE HAS PICS PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD POST THEM!!!!!!

Highlights?? Sioux can do a STANDING SPLIT. Dude, I would TOTALLY go gay for her after that move LOL. She was so vampy, so full of life, passion, and energy, I can't believe her. I feel like a genetic pile of GOO compared to her.

I was and STILL AM speechless. I haven't been that dumbfounded by a performer in a LONG time. Not since I saw Trent Reznor 3rd row. Seriously.

Let's get to the meat of it eh? As we know- My memory is the BAIN of my existence... so here's what I can remember her playing (completely out of order....)

Into A Swan
About To Happen
Here Comes That Day
If It Doesn't Kill You
One Mile Below
Drone Zone
Sea Of Tranquility
They Follow You
Heaven And Alchemy

PLUS: HONG KONG GARDEN, Dear Prudence, Night Shift...

*Also VERY notable- Debbie Harry AKA BLONDIE AND ANNA SUI were in the VIP section looking on as eagerly as the rest of us! LOL! AWESOME!

WORD TO THE WISE (and my only complaints...) FANS OF SIOUX- I love her as much as you... I didn't and DON'T PAY 65 bucks to hear your drunk and/or HIGH ass singing. I love a good mosh when it's appropriate. "Loveless" is NOT The right song to do it to. these were the only factors that fucked up my otherwise PERFECT concert experience.

**NOTE** I do not know who took these pictures... but they are beautiful and I thank you for putting them out on the internet... I would like to give credit where it's due... please let me know. thanks!

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