Sunday, January 25, 2009

Devotchka at Webster Hall.

It's freezing in NYC this Saturday night. We arrive in style- yet apparently early around a quarter to 7. We actually wait and freeze. The line slowly begins to shuffle forward. I see the Marquee lit with these words: "The Bowery Presents: DeVotchKa". We are id'ed, slapped with a bracelet, and let in to the infamous Webster Hall. On a side note... I hate that Webster Hall doesn't give a "paper ticket"... I like to have it as a souvenir... and I miss it when it's not there... but I digress...

The lights are dim. The crowd is ecclectic. Webster Hall has been refurbished, God only knows when- It's been a while since I've been there. My excessively gorgeous friend of superior amazonian heights has staked out a spot- an elevated platform of sorts where we can sit, and BEHOLD! I CAN SEE!

The show begins promptly at 8:02. Impressive. I usually sit and wait for at good 45m for the openers. Clare and the Reasons come on, and I am instantly reminded of the Beatles circa Sgt. Pepper's. It's definitely psychadelic. Clare's voice is excessively bubbly and girly, which inherently irritates me and my deep throated bass. When I hear women like her it makes me wonder if I am in fact female... I let it slide, however, because the music entertains me and most of the crowd. As much as I wanted to not like this cute little bubbly lady dressed in all red (as is the rest of her band...) I can't bring myself to dislike her. The music was actually pretty good. Even better, they played long enough to get a feel for their sound, but short enough that I didn't grow impatient... Kudos to you Clare and the Reasons!

Then, quite promptly DeVotchka enter from stage right, smiling and waving, and BOOM they begin. They are true tour de force. It's only my second time seeing them, yet already I decide they're one of my favorite live acts. They are entertaining, eccentric and work seamlessly together to create a truly fantastic modernized version of a circus-esque cabaret/ mariachi band.

I am sitting slightly elevated above the entranced crowd... watching the band, dancing in a seated position, whilst simultaneously people watching. I catch every form of concert rudeness- the Chatterboxes (behind me gabbing away RELENTLESSLY the whole time behind me), the over protective boyfriend (to my right), the weasels, there's even a concert monkey moment!- Some one actually threw their 100$ urban outfitters sweater on the stage at the band! Nick Urata took it in stride though, joking, "This is how you know you're getting older... when people are throwing SWEATERS on stage..."

Another glorious moment took place when they went on to do one of their lovely instrumental pieces, and we were graced with a scantilly clad burlesque ribbon dancer performing in sync with the music. All I can say is... HOT.

On a whiney note- the sound was too low- and the crowd blew. This, however, didn't effect the quality of DeVotchKa's performance itself. All it tells me is, I will definitely be seeing them again... and next time, I WILL punch any one who talks throughout the set square in the face.

I got excessively excited when they played: The Enemy Guns, and the fuller more orchestrated version of Undone.

Here's some of the other tracks they played...

Basso Profundo
C'est Ce La
Last Beat of My Heart
Curse your Little Heart
We're Leaving
Such a Lovely Thing
Along the Way
New World
The Clockwise Witness
Vengo Vengo
Ended their encore with- How It Ends

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